BYU Accounting 200 and Norman Nemrow

I took Accounting 200 from Norman Nemrow in the summer of 2003, and I highly recommend it. I felt that the class was very well organized and well taught.

Class Organization

When I first found out that it was an online course, I was nervous. I think that many classes are converted to an online form just because the teachers don't want to have to do any work. With Accounting 200 I didn't feel that way at all. I think Acc 200 is set apart from other online classes. Professor Nemrow organized the class in a way that makes it possible for students to adapt it to whatever their learning style is. From the beginning it was clear that he wants students to understand exactly how the class works. Instead of hitting off the semester with a friendly but vague email, there were two scheduled class periods at the beginning where he introduced himself and the subject material, explained the syllabus, and answered questions. Best of all, there was an actual schedule which prevented otherwise inevitable procrastination.

The primary resource for the class was a set of CDs containing lecture videos. Professor Nemrow provided printed class notes which helped for reviewing, taking notes, and focusing. He actually encouraged students to watch the lectures at an increased speed (Chipmunk style). It took a few minutes to get used to, but I never felt like I was wasting time. I could skip a bit if I understood it really well, and I could rewind if something was unclear. The lectures were very interesting, clear, and even funny at times.

Other resources included occasional "real life" lectures, a book (I think), homework, online quizzes, TAs, and of course, exams. Overall everything seemed really balanced and flexible.

Professor Nemrow

The only reason Professor Nemrow teaches is because he loves it. He donates his salary back to the University. He has obviously put a lot of work into the class, and it shows. Above all, he doesn't think that everyone is majoring in Accounting. He focuses on making the material as clear and applicable as possible, and he has added Supplemental Lectures to the syllabus which emphasize real life issues and applications, such as ethics and personal finance.


I definitely recommend Accounting 200, even for people like me who aren't going into business. Everyone has to deal with money, and after taking the class I feel like I have a much stronger ability to manage money and understand the world around me.