If you are using the Avenues to Consumer Employer Services and $upport (ACES$) services as an employer, you will need to have each Personal Support Worker (PSW) fill out an employee packet.

If you want to see all the forms that are available at ACES$ for employers/participants and employees/PSWs, click here.

The complete packet with instructions can be downloaded by clicking here. This is a 3 MB pdf portfolio that can be opened with any program that reads pdf files. You can choose to print any single document from the portfolio or you can print the entire portolio. It is best on a color printer, since there are a few colored items, but it will still work fine on a black and white printer. For the most part, these forms have been set up with fields that you can fill in and save so that you have a personalized packet for you. Once you do this, each time you get a new worker you can just print out your personalized forms and hand him/her the packet.

If you are the employer, you can click here to download the page that explains what on the packet you will need to sign. This won't include all the basic information that you need to provide on some of these forms, just what you would need to sign on each page assuming you have already filled in a personalized PSW packet.

I hope this helps someone else out there!